Children's boots. Kids feld boots

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children's winter boots size 20 (30) -25 (35)

Children's boots are made from environmentally friendly material - 100 percent sheep's wool. Walenki baby made a classic "old-fashioned" method of felting. Valenky original - fully one-piece is made. Valenki is attached to the sole or in the galoshka

valenki boots with galoshi size 13 (22) - 19 (29)

Children's felt boots are made of ecologically pure material of 100% sheep's wool. Valenki are made by the classic felting method. Valenky is completely solid, it is fastened to the sole or dressed in a galoshka. If you remove the galoshes - you will get great room shoes.

walenki kinder in transparent galoshes size 20 (30) - 22 (32)

Valenki-it's fashionable, useful, appropriate. Fashionable. Modern design boots, transparent galoshes, each pair is different. Useful. Valenky-eco shoes. Valenki do not contain chemicals, poisons, dyes. Health is always useful and fashionable. It is appropriate-natural wool increases immunity, improves blood circulation. Galoshes are the most slippery outsole in the world

felt boots baby on the sole size 15 (24) -19 (29)

Classic kids felt boots in modern processing

walenki baby size 13 (22) - 23 (33)

Classic valenky with fringes, applique. Possibility to use as shoes for the home; galoshes as street shoes

Handmade children's felt boots, size 13-20

Our handmade products of pure natural wool. Each product is a great work of the master. All things are made using well water, olive soap, in the lap of a beautiful nature reserve. Such products give warmth, comfort, pleasant sensations, good mood and strengthen health. Price excludes galoshes