Women's Chuni 22 cm

Chuni - home shoes made of eco wool with soft, elastic soles. Chuni inside laid natural, clean, without dyes, bleach wool, the top is decorated with turquoise colored wool
Delivery date: 1-2 days (the period are approximate)
Manufacturer: Women

The site presents product samples.

Each pair of handmade products is unique.

Design, decoration of products is never repeated. Perhaps the creation of such.

The color, blotches, shades of each handmade product are distinguishable.

Environmentally friendly

Internal material: 100% natural wool without dyes, bleaches, chemicals, environmentally friendly

External material: natural wool colored

Method of production: felting a one-piece, seamless handmade product

Materials for production: well water, olive soap, wool

Soles: stitched,glued

Any colour

Season: all year

Sizes: size is the length of the foot in centimeters from thumb to heel

Suitable for wearing indoors and outdoors in galoshes

All wool has quality certificates.

Made with love for people!

Production of any size is possible.

27-29 cm, price 125 $

30-32 cm, 135 $

other sizes by agreement