Felt boots "Deer"

Felt boots "Deer" the Natural classic felt boots with finishing of handwork. For the prepotent half of humanity-men, an image is developed with deer. Deer in folk folk-lore the steady occupies positions, symbolizing force, nobleness, mind. The image of wonderful zoon is used in heraldry of many countries. In such felt boots appearance is strict, but expressive. account of cost of overshoes
Delivery date: 2-3 weeks (term are approximate)
Manufacturer: Мужчинам

The site contains samples of boots.

Each pair of boots is unique.

Design, boots decor is never repeated.

Color blotches, shades of each pair of boots distinguishable.

Boots do not contain chemical additives, colorants. The colors correspond to the natural sheep wool.

material: natural wool

insole: none

shaft height: approximately 32 cm.

Material galoshes: Plastic

Height galoshes: 8 cm.

Heel height on children's galoshes: 1cm.

Resistance to temperature variations: high

Frost resistance: very high

Increased flexibility: yes

Method of production: casting

Color: Clear

Anti-slip: yes

Color: Clear

Season: All year

Documents: All boots are covered by the certificate "Conclusion of the state sanitary-epidemiologic examination №05.03.02-03 / 120091 from 05.12.2012g."

Made with love for the people!