felt boots - a sign of care and quality

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

The whole process of manufacturing material for felt boots is done manually from raising sheep to felting on wool. To produce a pair of boots, it takes from several years of sheep growing to several days of wool production and processing. This long and painstaking practice involves several people. Therefore, each pair of boots is unique and individual.

Also, woolen boots made of sheep’s wool are healing for people with various foot diseases, relieve stress, tension, give a feeling of warmth, coziness, comfort.

While wearing shoes on the feet, a process of friction occurs between the skin and wool, as a result of which a significant amount of electricity is not generated, which is safe for humans, but very good for health. Ready-made boots are excellent medical shoes that can be worn at home or in dry frosty weather, unfortunately, just boots do not meet modern fashion requirements, and are not practical. However, our shoes are designed to meet the requirements of modern fashion trends, which makes them not only practical, but also beautiful.

The uniqueness of their felt boots lies in thermoregulation. Shoes without a sole put on bare feet, regulate heat - cold. If your apartment / house is cold, hot, your legs do not freeze, do not sweat, there will be optimally comfortable temperatures.

We offer boots suitable for outdoor wear. They have a modern design, practical, comfortable. Our shoes are an exclusive sole that has no analogues in the world. This sole is very practical, meets fashionable requirements, easy to use, will protect you in any weather. These shoes can be worn in severe frosts on ice, in the snow. The boots presented by us will have an attractive appearance, as they are suitable for wearing with jeans and a fur coat, coats, jackets, etc. In boots, you and your loved ones - keep your health, get a lot Enjoying walking in the cold and slippery season, you will save yourself and people close to you from falling on the ice.

Boots are also ideal VIP gifts. Such a gift cannot go unnoticed and underestimated. Valenki as a gift from a man is a delicate taste, knowledge of traditions, living conditions, manifestation of concern for health, safety:

- valenki - an expensive and beautiful gift;
- felt boots are unique among world shoes;
- wolen boots - originally Slavic most sincere and caring shoes in the world!

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