Eco bags

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Covers for storage of shoes

This topic will be interesting to those who can not afford to build a dressing room or cabinets for storing shoes. But anyway you need shoes somewhere and what to keep. For your convenience, designed covers for winter storage of shoes. Size 54 * 40 * 20 price 55 USD 39 * 36 * 10 price 40 USD

Eco bags with handmade painting of your choice

Eco Bag - made of natural fabrics, dvunitka Very dense bag with handles very well, closed seams. This bag is an excellent alternative: souvenirs, packaging, a bag, gift of Size 37х40х13 sm handle length 30 cm reinforced handles an image can be made under the picture of a felt boots

Eco bags with handmade painting "Bullfinch"

Eco bag made of natural fabric,dvunytka Very dense bag with perfectly processed, closed seams. Extraordinary durable, indestructible; resistant to sunlight; resistant to high temperatures; complete lack of shrinkage with simultaneous excellent air exchange properties; resistant to fungal infections. The material is not afraid of damp; do not deteriorate over time; ecologically safe; great appearance Size 37x40x13 cm handle length 30 cm reinforced handles the image can be made under the drawing felt boots

Shopper handmade

Large shopper bag with an hard double handles made of colored genuine leather. The model is made of mesh and decorated with inlays with a floral motif from natural fur.

shopper bag handmade

This handmade bag is assembled like a mosaic from natural fur of different colors and different textures using the patchwork technique. It is possible to manufacture any size, from different fur, other colors, textures.