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winter felted handmade boots with hand-painted, 20-22 cm

Baby boots are made of environmentally friendly material - 100% sheep wool, the classic "grandfather" method of felting. Valenochek - completely integral is lying to him the sole is fastened or the pebble is put on.

valenki boots with galoshi, 13 - 19 см

Handmade children's felt boots made of natural wool. Valenoks are soft, bright, easily take the form of legs, very light. Production of any color is possible.

walenki kinder in transparent galoshes, 20-22 cm

Valenki-it's fashionable, useful, appropriate. Fashionable. Modern design boots, transparent galoshes, each pair is different. Useful. Valenky-eco shoes. Felt boots do not contain chemicals, poisons, dyes. Health is always useful and fashionable. It is appropriate-natural wool increases immunity, improves blood circulation. Galoshes are the most slippery outsole in the world Production of any color is possible.

Galoshes transparent silicone to baby boots, size 14 -21

Transparent galoshes on children felt boots. Designed to protect the footwear from snow, mud, water

handmade felted wool boots baby, 16 cm

winter boots for kids. Natural felt boots made of organic wool handmade. The entire manufacturing process from start to finish is handmade. Painting on felt boots is handmade with colored wool. Inside the boots are lined with wool without dyes for the safety of children's legs. Felt boots with galoshes

walenki handmade baby, 13 - 19 сm

winter boots for toddlers are made of ecologically pure material of 100% sheep's wool. Valenki are made by the classic felting method. Valenky is completely solid, it is fastened to the sole or dressed in a galoshka. Production of any color is possible.

Handmade children's felt boots, 13-19 cm

Delicate, soft, warm felt boots for girls with hand-painted. Cute, pink felt boots with an inner layer of natural, light wool will give warmth, comfort to the legs. Felt boots with galoshes

Baby blanket handmade patchwork style

Gorgeous baby blanket made of natural materials. The inner layer of blankets laid synthetic padding and stitched by hand. Blanket - the author's work master of patchwork. The blanket is filled with warmth wizard. The best products - handicrafts