Oven mitts

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Pothold - double glove "Flower glade"

A beautiful double potholder is a mitten for hot. Dense fabric with a print in the form of a meadow meadow on a background of blue will create a positive mood in the kitchen to create culinary masterpieces.

Potholder, mitten "Shark"

Stunning hot mitten. Made of thick material, with layers of batting. Mitten has lining inside. Shark jaws with teeth of lace. Each pair of gloves "Shark" has the distinction. The same does not happen sharks

Potholder hot "Cow"

The modern approach to kitchen design. Original potholders, mittens, rukovichki warmers for comfort in your kitchen. Potholder hot as a cow's head. The cow is a symbol of abundance, purity, which is important for every woman in the kitchen. size 24 cm by 15 cm

Tack the kitchen "Wise Owl"

This beautiful bird of prey can live in your kitchen as an assistant in the preparation of culinary delights. His wisdom owl inspire, help to focus and create comfort in the kitchen.