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Valenki 30-33 cm

Our felt boots from the very beginning to the final look are 100% handmade. Inside our shoes, wool of a certain type of sheep is laid with special minimum processing and cleaning. As a result, we get wool of excellent quality with the maximum amount of lanolin, without dyes, bleaches. The skin of the foot is in contact with a pure, natural product that brings maximum benefits to human health. The wool in our products is made up of the finest wool with thick fibers. When the skin of the foot is rubbed against the hair, a light electrical charge is generated, which helps stimulate the immune system, blood vessels and many other benefits. As a result of rubbing the skin of the foot against the hair, a pleasant, dry heat is formed. The price is indicated excluding the cost of galoshes. Installation on the sole is possible

Handmade felt boots "Buta", 24-26 см

Felt boots made of natural wool, handmade. The top is decorated with a handmade pattern in oriental style. This motif is considered the oldest in the ornament. Trend in the collections of fashion houses by such great designers as Stella McCartney, JW Anderson, Jil Sander, Paul&Joe, Matthew Williamson and Emilio Pucci and others. They combine perfectly with different styles of clothing. Light, easily take the shape of a foot.

Handmade felt boots with applique, 24-26 cm

Natural boots handmade. Soft, elastic, dense boots. ECOLOGICAL FOOTWEAR The price is indicated excluding the cost of galoshes. Installation on the sole is possible

Wool boots with hand-painted "Reindeer" wool, size 44

Well, is it possible to imagine a winter wardrobe without the image of deer! Such a drawing is a timeless classic. The popularity of pushing animals with branched horns at different times tried different animals, but without success: none of them could not compete with unsurpassed in elegance, nobility, grace deer. The work is done with colored wool. Price is excluding galohs cost.

Felt boots "Wolf", 28 см

Felt boots wolf the Natural classic felt boots with finishing of handwork. For the prepotent half of humanity-men, the image of wolf is developed with Lunar/Mars. A wolf in folk folk-lore occupies one of central positions, symbolizing force, adroitness, mind, and similarly fertility. In such felt boots appearance is strict, but expressive. a price is indicated without the account of cost of overshoes

Natural boots "Owl"

These boots are made from 100% natural sheep's wool. Perhaps wearing dry snow or galoshes. Boots are decorated with hand-mixed style: hand-painted, hand-knitted items to. Boots are very positive, bright, youth Ekoboots.

Boots "Big fluffy heart in his paws", size 29

Natural felt boots hand-painted. Author's work. Big and strong bear touching holding a heart in his paws Manufacturing of other sizes

Boots Khokhloma painting, size 24

Khokhloma - an ancient form of painting. Primary colors: yellow, red, green. Figure painting is made resistant to external environmental influences. The main part of the image packed by hand from natural colored wool. Easy to clean. Manufacturing of any size

Boots "Strawberries", size 28

Unique winter boots, the ability to combine practicality and comfort with bright appearance - it is embroidered with designer boots decorated by hand. Extremely bright, decorated in rich colors and patterns, will bring a lot of compliments and become an integral part of your everyday image.   Designer boots easy to match with any top clothing from jackets to coats elegant, look great with fur accessories and fit harmoniously into the sporty style of casual popular, suitable for the feminine wardrobe items. Each pair of boots is individual and different from the previous. Possible to produce other sizes

Winter Boots "East motives", size 26

Unique winter boots, the ability to combine practicality and comfort with bright appearance - it is embroidered with designer boots decorated by hand. Possible to produce other sizes

"Panda Bear" felt boots handmade, 23-26 cm

The most popular bear in the world. Sweet, kind, cute panda bear. When looking at this cutie could not help the mood rises, there is a smile and everything changed for the better. Manufacturing of any size price does not include the cost of galoshes

Handmade felt boots, 23 cm

Hand felt boots made of natural wool. Valenoks with author's naive work, hand-painted on wool. Boots are very cute, tender.

Valenki, size 24

Natural felt boots for transparent galoshes. Hand-painted on felt boots steady to flushing. The price is without galoshes

Woolen "Winter Beauty" size 24

Felt boot with hand painted. A beautiful bullfinch with a winter branch of a Christmas tree and white, fluffy snow. The whole drawing is made resistant to rinsing with paints, supplemented with color glitter. In such valenky you will catch admiring glances Possible manufacturing of other sizes the price is without galoshes

handmade winter boots, 26-27 см

One of the brightest, most beautiful felts. The entire production process from start to finish is completely manual work - wet felting, hand painting. On one leg is painted a bullfinch with a branch of berries, on the other leg - two bullfinches with berries. The price is indicated without taking into account the cost of overshoes.

Woolen boots "Hello Kitty"size 24

Original felt boots in fashionable treatment. The felt boots are painted in a modern pink color. Wool felt boot insoles are glued and stitched. The wool boots are painted with colored wool - the muzzle of Kitty's white kitty. The price is without galoshes