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"Panda Bear" felt boots handmade, 23-26 cm

The most popular bear in the world. Sweet, kind, cute panda bear. When looking at this cutie could not help the mood rises, there is a smile and everything changed for the better. Manufacturing of any size price does not include the cost of galoshes

Felted Slippers, Chuni,23-26 см

Home shoes with hand-painted silk. The original white silk pattern creates the effect of a marble texture. With a swirling nose and painting, the chuni look like the sculptures of a great artist. Chuni put on the sole: taped, stitched.

Filzpantoffeln Filzstiefel Handgemachte, 23-26 см

One of the most stylish models of home shoes is chuni with bullfinches. Such a model is not subject to time, fashion, and can be easily classified as a classic. Chuni is very comfortable, soft, warm, comfortable. Created, chuni, with health and mood Put on soft sole, stitched, glued