Covers for storage of shoes

This topic will be interesting to those who can not afford to build a dressing room or cabinets for storing shoes. But anyway you need shoes somewhere and what to keep. For your convenience, designed covers for winter storage of shoes. Size 54 * 40 * 20 price 55 USD 39 * 36 * 10 price 40 USD

Covers are made of sufficiently strong material "spunbond". This material does not form toxic compounds used for the production of hygiene items, breathable, resistant to heavy loads, which allows the use cases for a long time; not gneet not moldy, can withstand low temperatures, heat-resistant. With moth proofing your belongings are stored safely from damage. A striking design makes it easy and quick to find that pair of shoes, which is stored in the boot. Such cases can be used as backpacks, handbag

Material: spunbond

Size: 54х40х20 см, 39х36х10 см

resistance to fluctuations in temperature: high

frost resistance: very high

Method of production: sewing

Blue :color

Season: All year

Use: Universal

Documents: All boots covered by the certificate "Conclusion of the state sanitary-and-epidemiologic examination №05.03.02-03 / 120091 from 05.12.2012g."

Made with love for the people!

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