Boots on the sole, size 36-38

Colored boots are not high on a modern sole. It is possible to manufacture any color, any finish, painting, etc.
Delivery date: 2-3 weeks (term are approximate)

The site contains samples of boots.
Each pair of shoes is unique and will have minor differences.
The design, the decor of the boots is never repeated.
The color, blotches, shades of each pair of boots are distinguishable.
Felted boots do not contain chemical additives or dyes.

Color: can be any
material: natural wool
insole: no
Resistance to temperature fluctuations: high
Frost resistance: very high
Manufacturing Method: Casting
Outsole color; white, black, any (on order)
Anti-slip: yes
Season: cold season
Documents: There is a quality certificate for all wool examination No. 05.03.02-03 / 120091 dated 05.12.2012. "

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