Handmade children's felt boots, size 13-20

Our handmade products of pure natural wool. Each product is a great work of the master. All things are made using well water, olive soap, in the lap of a beautiful nature reserve. Such products give warmth, comfort, pleasant sensations, good mood and strengthen health. Price excludes galoshes
Delivery date: 2-3 weeks (term are approximate)

On a site standards are presented felt boot.  

Every pair felt boot nepovtorima.  

Registration, dekor felt boot not when does not repeat oneself.  

Color, disseminations, tints of every pair felt boot distinctive.  

Internal material: natural wool 

Method of making:hand-made felting felt boots

Materials for production: well water, olive soap, wool

Colour: any 

Season: all year

Sizes: the size of the felt boot is the length of the foot from the big toe to the heel +1 cm

Done with love for people!