Decoration "Acorn"

Very cute, cozy handmade acorns. Excellent solutions for room decoration with children, with older people, with people of a hot temper. Such jewelry does not break, it is easy to clean under the tap, perfectly stored, because of natural materials they do not create intrusive visual spots, create coziness. Perfect for decoration: christmas tree, making garlands, gift wrapping, as a decorative element in wreaths, rims, etc., beautiful home decoration
Manufacturer: Unisex

The ultimate eco-friendly accessory!

The site presents samples of acorns.

Each product is unique.

The decoration of the acorn is never repeated.

The color, blotches, shades of each acorn are distinguishable.

Internal material: 100% natural wool without dyes, bleaches, chemicals, environmentally friendly

External material: natural wool colored

Acorn caps are collected in nature reserves away from the city.

Method of production: felting a whole handmade ball

Materials for production: well water, olive soap, wool

Any colour

Season: all year

Sizes: each one is unique and they vary in size.

All wool has quality certificates.

Made with love for people!