Friday, November 13, 2015

It became very colder? It's time to warm his hands !!!

People are always attracted to natural wool. And it's not just like that! Mittens and boots made by caring hands of master + felting wool, having positive energy, help cure many diseases.

In centuries past, if a person becomes ill tooth, head or waist, applied to the affected area a piece of natural sheep wool, and by getting rid of joint pain using strings made of wool. Her fasten around the wrist, ankle. Nowadays, boots and mittens made of natural wool thread replaced. Premature infants previously wrapped in fleece. In Australia, the newborn is still wrapped in blankets sheep, sheep allowed to crawl on the floor mats. Natural wool - a remedy for many diseases. For example, wool shoes (boots, socks) or mittens improve blood circulation, the function of micro-massage, hair does not accumulate microbes, bacteria, toxins emitted from the human body, normalizes blood pressure, not only in the field of adaptation on the skin, but also throughout the body . It is most useful wool coat without dyes, bleaches, the one that is the most coarse. The more wool colitis skin, more than a third of the skin as much as possible in contact with it, the greater the benefits of wool products.

With its unique properties fleece to keep in her lanolin (animal waxes). Lanolin is a natural antiseptic that relieves skin irritation. Already at 35-42OC it dissolves and penetrates into the pores of the skin, softening it and exerting a beneficial effect on the bronchial tubes, joints, lungs, spine, nasopharynx, relieves muscle tension and improves blood circulation, respiratory system, helping to recover for colds. Lanolin is not dangerous for babies, is used for healing nipples of nursing mothers.

Another uniqueness of wool is its structure. The fibers of wool have a complex structure with lots of air pockets through which hairs fall down together (connected), which contributes to a high degree of thermal insulation. Wool can absorb up to 35% moisture and remain completely dry and will continue to warm. With so many positive qualities can match neither the world branded shoes, gloves or mittens.

What could be a better, more useful, more pleasant mittens made of natural wool,

mittens, created by careful hands of masters felting?

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