Mittens for teenagers

Natural gloves are fine merino wool. The size of gloves: the length of the thumb of 6 cm the width of the thumb 3 cm 20.5 cm length gloves Mittens width 8.5 cm the length of the finger to the top of a large mitten 11 cm Cuff width 8.5 cm
Delivery date: 1-2 days (the period are approximate)
Manufacturers: children , Women

Each pair of gloves is unique. Design, boots decor is never repeated. Color, inclusions, shades of each pair of mittens different. Mitten not contain chemical additives, colorants. The colors correspond to the natural wool of sheep.

Mittens Material: 100% merino wool, natural

Method of production: felting whole stocking, hand roll

Color: harsh

Season: Spring, Fall, Winter

Perhaps custom-made to the size of the customer taking into account the individuality of hand.

Made with love for the people!

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