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Handmade chuni slippers

Slippers are soft to buy on a soft elastic sole.Slippers boots are knitted from a natural six. Environmentally friendly unpainted wool is laid inside, the top is decorated with colored eco wool. Valenoks are very light, sit perfectly on the leg. Such shoes create comfort, take care of the legs. Lightweight, elastic sole slippers - boots do not burden

Handmade chuni with fur trim, 24 cm

Chuni for home handmade. Inside laid natural wool without chemical additives, dye; the top is decorated with colored wool and a fur edge. Soft, flexible outsole. Chuni is very light, warm, soft.

Handmade slippers with fur trim, 26-27 cm

Handmade slippers ugg boots handmade Designed for leg comfort and health. Natural wool with lanolin takes care of health and safety. Colored wool adds mood. Feel the care and love! Put on the sole, stitched, glued.