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Boots "Big fluffy heart in his paws", size 29

Natural felt boots hand-painted. Author's work. Big and strong bear touching holding a heart in his paws Manufacturing of other sizes

Boots with poppies, size28

Natural felt boots decorated with handmade. Red Poppy matted from a natural colored wool. Vivid red poppy with the addition of silk thread. Flower theme very often use eminent designers, fashion houses fashion. Most designers are turning to dream of spring landscape, which is very important during the cold goda.Lagerfeld discarding any metaphors and own the podium nurtured flower garden in the show on a high fashion; couture atelier Lemarié and Lesage, Chanel supported flower baton ...

walenki baby size 13 (22) - 23 (33)

Classic valenky with fringes, applique. Possibility to use as shoes for the home; galoshes as street shoes

Wool boots with hand-painted "Reindeer" wool, size 44

Well, is it possible to imagine a winter wardrobe without the image of deer! Such a drawing is a timeless classic. The popularity of pushing animals with branched horns at different times tried different animals, but without success: none of them could not compete with unsurpassed in elegance, nobility, grace deer. The work is done with colored wool. Price is excluding galohs cost.

Boots Khokhloma painting, size 24

Khokhloma - an ancient form of painting. Primary colors: yellow, red, green. Figure painting is made resistant to external environmental influences. The main part of the image packed by hand from natural colored wool. Easy to clean. Manufacturing of any size