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"Panda Bear" felt boots handmade, 23-26 cm

The most popular bear in the world. Sweet, kind, cute panda bear. When looking at this cutie could not help the mood rises, there is a smile and everything changed for the better. Manufacturing of any size price does not include the cost of galoshes

Felt boots "Wolf", 28 см

Felt boots wolf the Natural classic felt boots with finishing of handwork. For the prepotent half of humanity-men, the image of wolf is developed with Lunar/Mars. A wolf in folk folk-lore occupies one of central positions, symbolizing force, adroitness, mind, and similarly fertility. In such felt boots appearance is strict, but expressive. a price is indicated without the account of cost of overshoes

Natural boots "Owl"

These boots are made from 100% natural sheep's wool. Perhaps wearing dry snow or galoshes. Boots are decorated with hand-mixed style: hand-painted, hand-knitted items to. Boots are very positive, bright, youth Ekoboots.

Felt boots 27-30 cm

Valenki from the beginning to the finished look -100% handmade using soap, water, physical strength. Inside, felt boots are lined with natural, washed, sheep wool with a minimum amount of processing, cleaning, without dyes, chemicals, bleaches. We get wool of excellent quality with the maximum amount of substance useful for humans, lanolin. The skin of the leg, touching a natural product, receives the maximum amount of benefit and warmth. During the friction of the skin of the foot against the hair, a light electrical charge is formed, which stimulates: the immune system, blood vessels, promotes health, brings the maximum amount of benefits, a dry, pleasant warmth is formed. The price is indicated excluding the cost of galoshes. Installation on the sole is possible

Handmade felt boots, 23-26 см

Handmade felt boots made of natural wool. Valenoks are soft, bright, easily take the form of legs, very light. Production of any colors is possible. The price does not include the cost of galoshes Production of any color, size ECOLOGICAL FOOTWEAR

Handmade felt boots with fur, 23 cm

Valenoks of a beautiful honey shade with a melange edge. Light, natural wool is laid inside. Valenoks are soft.

winter felted handmade boots with hand-painted, 20-22 cm

Baby boots are made of environmentally friendly material - 100% sheep wool, the classic "grandfather" method of felting. Valenochek - completely integral is lying to him the sole is fastened or the pebble is put on.