felted slippers

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Warm felt slippers are a real gift for those who appreciate comfort and care about their health.
Manual swaths and original patterns ensure the uniqueness of each pair. The use of natural materials in the creation of our products guarantees:
• preservation of the therapeutic properties of sheep wool;
• safety and environmental friendliness;
• good moisture absorption;
• protection of the feet not only from hypothermia, but also from overheating.
Felted slippers are also famous for their relaxing and massaging effect. Stimulating the biologically active points with wool, blood circulation is activated by the soles of the feet, and a positive effect on the whole organism is ensured. Slippers made of wool can easily cope with the first signs of a cold that starts, relieves rheumatic pains.
Model with a microporous rubber sole. Hemmed clogs traditionally last longer and help avoid slipping while walking. The practicality of felted slippers with a sole is that they:
- wear resistant;
- durable;
- keep their shape well.
Give beautiful and soft felt slippers to yourself and your loved ones!
Products made of natural wool, hand-knotted, will warm your beloved people in the cold and will decorate the winter look.

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