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Double glove-mitt for kitchen "Сhartreuse"

A double potholder-mitten of a pleasant green tint, perfectly suited for kitchen of different types. Stitches-tack will protect your hands from hot surfaces, hot lids, hot baking pans. A beautiful design of double mittens with the predominant color of Chartreux will create a pleasant atmosphere for the kitchen to create culinary masterpieces. Fruit print on potholders oranges, limes, apples - a pledge of good appetite.

Woolen "Winter Beauty" size 24

Felt boot with hand painted. A beautiful bullfinch with a winter branch of a Christmas tree and white, fluffy snow. The whole drawing is made resistant to rinsing with paints, supplemented with color glitter. In such valenky you will catch admiring glances Possible manufacturing of other sizes the price is without galoshes

Valenki "Winter handsome" size 26

The price is without galoshes

Woolen boots "Hello Kitty"size 24

Original felt boots in fashionable treatment. The felt boots are painted in a modern pink color. Wool felt boot insoles are glued and stitched. The wool boots are painted with colored wool - the muzzle of Kitty's white kitty. The price is without galoshes

Boots hand-decorated size 27

Natural classic boots with a modern twist. Boots are made of natural sheep wool decorated with handmade. Figure created with special paints for painting resistant to wear, cleaning. Just use natural yarns. Flowers, leaves tied by hand. Each work is done exclusivity has no analogue in the world. Such shoes can be worn as an indoor shoes, dry snow cover. In transparent fashion galoshes, in classic black galoshes. Most sincere shoes boots in the world!

Eco bags with handmade painting "Bullfinch"

Eco bag made of natural fabric,dvunytka Very dense bag with perfectly processed, closed seams. Extraordinary durable, indestructible; resistant to sunlight; resistant to high temperatures; complete lack of shrinkage with simultaneous excellent air exchange properties; resistant to fungal infections. The material is not afraid of damp; do not deteriorate over time; ecologically safe; great appearance Size 37x40x13 cm handle length 30 cm reinforced handles the image can be made under the drawing felt boots

boots natural, size 21-33

Boots from natural sheep wool. Boots lying in one piece without a seam. Manufactured without the use of chemical additives, colorants. Ekoboots


Galoshes on boots black natural