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boots natural, size 21-33

Boots from natural sheep wool. Boots lying in one piece without a seam. Manufactured without the use of chemical additives, colorants. Ekoboots


Galoshes on boots black natural

Galoshes on transparent boots size 40, size galoshes 250 - 310

Galoshes transparent silicone to protect the boots, shoes from dirt, snow, rain

"Panda Bear" felt boots

The most popular bear in the world. Sweet, kind, cute panda bear. When looking at this cutie could not help the mood rises, there is a smile and everything changed for the better. Manufacturing of any size

Kitchen mittens - potholders "Rosary"

Kitchen gloves with images of the queen of flowers - roses. Gentle print, high quality products will create culinary masterpieces.

Pothold - double glove "Flower glade"

A beautiful double potholder is a mitten for hot. Dense fabric with a print in the form of a meadow meadow on a background of blue will create a positive mood in the kitchen to create culinary masterpieces.

Felt snow boots "Fiery" size 27 (39-40)

the price is without galoshes

Felt boots "Scandinavian patterns"

the price is without galoshes