Slippers handmade rolls classic light

Slippers made of wool classic like in the old days were made warm products. "Grandma socks" Home comfort begins with slippers and health of feet. Felt slippers handmade rolls will help to create a cozy atmosphere and will give the feet a comfortable warm and dry. Slippers, svalyanye of genuine high-quality wool, without the use of dyes, bleaches, chemical additives. Such products will warm feet even in a cold room, and when the temperature rises, the heat output and absorb excess moisture. Due to the complex structure of the wool fiber and texture of felt, felted slippers, put on the thin socks or bare feet, have a slight massage action to stimulate the nerves and improves circulation. Fleece - an environmentally friendly material with a number of useful properties. Thanks contained in the fibers of wool lanolin, slippers made of sheepskin may be used by people with allergies. Dry heat is recommended for warming up the legs with a cold. Regular wearing felt slippers helps get rid of the pain with radiculitis, arthritis, rheumatism, osteochondrosis. In addition, after a long walk or intense exercise, wool helps remove heaviness in the legs, as well as the nervous stress and fatigue.
Delivery date: 5-7 days (the period are approximate)
Manufacturers: children , Men , Women

The site contains samples of slippers. Each pair is unique.

Design, sneakers decor is never repeated.

Color, inclusions, shades of each pair of sneakers distinguishable.

Sneaker not contain chemical additives. Colored wool only used in design.

Upper: natural merino wool

Inside material: natural wool without chemical additives

Method of production: felting whole stocking

Insole: none

Sole: micropore

The method of attaching soles: glued, sewn master

Color: white, gray

Season: All year

Documents: All boots covered by the certificate "Conclusion of the state sanitary-and-epidemiologic examination №05.03.02-03 / 120091 from 05.12.2012g."

Dimensions: can manufacture any size.

Made with love for the people! 

14-37 size, the price 55 $
38-41 size, the price 65 $
42-44 size, the price 75 $

45-47 size, the price 95 $

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