How to choose the "right" shoes, natural things from wool?

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

1. It is made by hand.
2. From the natural, hard (25 md), undyed wool (tsigay, kardoches, Sliver). With a maximum conservation of the natural, the natural lanolin in the hairs.
3. Valya only piece, without seams
4. tight enough
5. Virtually no slips
6. When tightening thicker wool, not crushed.
7. Do not contain dyes, bleaches, acids.
8. Wool passed minimally processed (washed, combed, and all)
For color, soft wool used weight chemical additives that permeate through the skin into the body, poisons accumulate. For soft wool is washed in different kinds of acids, alkalis, softeners that make the hairs softer and very badly washed away (from - for the scales on the hairs), but perfectly lanolin to destroy hairs. Then coat color. The brighter the color, the more colors, the stabilizers added. Since the skin is constantly breathes, moisture evaporates, all the "improvers" wool into the body. These products have an attractive appearance, but are much less koshlatyatsya do not have a tight heel boots, do not fix his leg, which does not bring any health benefit and added to poison the body. From a wool made outerwear that little contact with the body.
For people who are: cherish your health,
take care of loved ones,
They have their own taste,
do not give "a tribute to" fashion, although the products of natural materials are always fashionable,
looking for good quality children's clothing, shoes
for preventing colds
joint problems
micro massage for hair (which would envy any massage therapist)
improve circulation
to improve the respiratory system
relieve tension in the muscles, etc., suitable only natural, undyed wool, thick with villi, with a maximum amount of natural lanolin.
Returning to the pristine sources, we recall "granny socks" and other products. Such things help, because they were natural, prickly, thick. How quickly passed them cold! In those days we were able to paint a much better product of modern methods. As evidenced by the excavations, museum pieces, vintage items. But the person was not "fashion" in the priorities and was great!

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